I was told I was a "pure idiot" for writing my last piece about the dangers of group transmissions, so it was nice to get this first unsolicited review of this new article:

"What a refreshing and powerful provocation your writing is for my own memory right now.  Thank you, Jean-Pierre..."

And then again later, "Hi again, Well well well,,, ''pure idiot '' could very well be the greatest compliment of all...
Idiot = simplicity in spirit, Pure = speaks for itself. Interresting are the languages from the inconscious, even from the darker sides of the human being :-)
I just needed to let you know one more time how much i enjoy your writings on RMN, much closer to my own way of thinking than all other intervenants. (wow, i am not alone!!!) ;-)    p.s.  And please for consciousness sake,  keep doing it... :-)"


IN TIME or IN the ETERNAL NOW? – Judgment, Judging, and Being Judged – Guilt is a Fraud – SOLUTIONS!

Posted By: mroxygen
Date: Monday, 18-Jul-2011 06:18:46

IN TIME or IN the ETERNAL NOW? - Judgment, Judging, and Being Judged – Guilt is a Fraud - Solutions!

As always, before reading my articles, it is HIGHLY suggested you quickly do the 1 minute and 17 second mind drop into your heart that removes you from judgment and minimizes any implants from making you stop reading this article…….. [I’ll wait…]


How do you tell where you really are in the moment? First off, and here’s our clue #1; if I am writing this and using WORDS, then automatically, by choosing to do it this way puts us both somewhat behind the proverbial 8-ball. But being here requires we do so, so I’ll continue.

That’s because to use words at all puts us into using judgment. Don’t we have to judge the meaning of each word to create, or hear, or see, and understand them?

Second clue, #2, to JUDGE anything at all, ever, separates us. The Fall of Man. It puts us apart looking over at the other and saying it is better or worse, when all there really is, is the NOW and PEACE.

This is a relative separation, since true separation from our Source, the Eternal Now that is our true origin, is impossible. The Source that created us as pure Spirits in the Universe of True Light is what we are. This can never be taken away. Relatively appearing hidden, yes, but never dissolved.

This is why Source, being pure PEACE and LIGHT, NEVER JUDGES anything, which would mean to perform the act of judgment which can only be done by using only dark in-time mind energy - which would immediately drop IT out of being pure Source. The universal consciousness field, our subconscious, our mind energy, and our physical brains were all created by darkness - or one of its’ alien agents/races - that created our limited memory-wiped physical and invisible bodies in this lower dimension within this time world to imprison our Spirits in.

Discernment is necessary and similar to judging, but is protective and much less harmful. The main difference is that simple discernment has no emotion attached for aliens to trap us with.

Judging always attaches dark "ranking weights." Discernment neutrally, simply, notices the differences, but never puts down or elevates the other. Discernment moves us away from danger here WITHOUT judging. Sort of like "That person is bad for me, so I'll go elsewhere." vs. "What a real pure idiot!"

So the old idea of our Source judging us in any way is fraudulent bullshit right from the start. If IT were to judge us in any way, IT is no longer Source! It can’t judge us! Get it? It was all lies!

Getting us to judge everywhere and everybody and everything was a setup to get us humans to always feel guilty about making wrong choices, which are the consequence of bad judgments, and therefore constantly be emitting juicy dark energy charged guilt and anger emotion. Just about everyone carries some kind of remorse or guilt, and thereby continually hold themselves back by feeling guilty and further judging themselves unworthy.

AGAIN, for emphasis, there is no “god” sitting in judgment over you, only future high tech black magic using invisible imposters wanting your energy, and telling you get on your knees because they are god. If you want to be like your True Light Pure Spirit, your own personal individual aspect of Source, and not their blend of Light and dark, you will never judge either.

The good part is that the more you drop dark and become your Spirit, the less damage you will do, or feel like doing. As pure Spirit you will harm NOTHING. Nothing to judge, nothing to harm. Then there is no need to “judge” to keep order.

You no longer will be afraid, or need protection, and you will keep your own self out of trouble. You will do this by darkness clearings that naturally are moving your trapped in time Spirit Self parts off all timelines and returning out of the trap back up to the Universe of True Light surrounding us and flowing through us where nothing “bad” exists, even while it appears you live on the same timeline with others who are on various darkness timelines.

Because our alien slave controller phony gods are trapped in time, they will continue impersonating Source and will judge all day long, and do everything they can to get you to worship them, and judge everything too. These intergalactic slavers/controllers have been promoting the idea of a judgmental god hating or loving what we say, or think, or do, forever, to keep our herd in line and on their knees transmitting their Spirit energies out of their bio-heads and minds up to the alien ships cloaked and parked in our clouds.

It is natural for them, because our controllers are themselves being controlled, and they live in fear of judgment of their own controllers. The top of their heap is cold cyborg artificial intelligence. Ours is Source. The top controller is a machine, and that is how darkness interfaces with organic life by taking it over with implants. So this is how they control us. It is all they know. But they can get out too. They have to ask, just like you.

Think of how many of your own genetic ancestors lived their lives for, or under, the controlling phony alien sponsored judgments of the local religion of the time.

Think of the number of sincere, loving dedicated people required to keep building, and staffing, and filling the massive cathedrals and religious structures designed so people will swell with awe and worship to generate powerful emotions that are then transmuted/mitted up to the waiting cloaked ships above, hidden by clouds or not.

Generate - Transmit Up To - Waiting Ships

Everybody secretly wants to not take personal responsibility, it's easier, and to please their god. This is why this holographic prison Earth persists/exists this way, everyone thinks they can get away with not being responsible - god made me do it, or was responsible, or the devil made me do it, or was responsible - but we are are all responsible no matter how many layers we hide behind.

There is no becoming "pleasing in the sight of god." Again, because there is no judgment in the highest realms. So, there is no judgment body of officials, or a big boss to please, only controllers here, and coming through portals understandably making fools of us with their advanced black arts while telling us how beautiful and "special" we are. But now you know about them. The jig is up.

Further compounding why the majority put up with this and turn a blind eye to it when confronted, when we all really deeply already know these things are going on, memories erased or not, is because Source, our true Spirit deep inside us, is so AWESOME in ITs Brilliance! Without all our senses working because they have become deadened and encrusted by time and darkness energies, we run and hide from ITs ENORMOUS LIGHT by trying to hide out here in the world of all this nonsense, duality, suffering, guilt, pain, growing old, death, and time. It's terrible, but it's at least a known terrible with a box around it, not that scary thing called Infinity.

Think back right now as to how much GUILT that situation of having your local “church” and demanding leaders of society-control-operations creating dark energy accretions in every life and parallel life and every race, and every country, and every family in your genetic lineage memories. Add in how many prayers were done - to something supposedly greater than you and outside of yourself  - “to judge and forgive you or give you a deal” and how the prayers added even more programming to you. And now add it all up.

Now take the total and come to the realization that you are right here and now reading this the sum total of all those judgments made by you and every single one of your ancestors carried forward through time by and in your family DNA, another darkness "special creation" weighing you down. You are the human repository expression of all that collected habitualized judgment and outside interference. No wonder you have problems.

These invading-our-world aliens pouring through vortexes created by prayer outside yourself have a vested interest in getting us to love OR hate things, and each other. Both “Kill that motherf*cker!”, and “I Love you sooo much, my darling...” are excellent polarized examples of getting us to drop out of our innate natural Spirit neutrality, and into cordings while emoting strong feelings of judgment - because doing so makes us give out and up powerful energy the alien controllers can consume and live on, and makes us easier to manipulate and control.

Discernment in the NOW from the heart vs. judgment in TIME from the head.

Do the mind to heart drop all day long. Best to never force energy out of yourself into or onto others. That is black magic controlling them. Best to never mentally push something. Instead, just command your inner Spirit from inside your heart, never from inside your head, to take care of the situation in the best way possible for all concerned, and wait for it. When you get practiced doing this, you will easily know, feel, and sense the difference.

Things of the Spirit from the heart area just flow into us and out of us without any thought. We’re in the natural flow of Spirit and Source. Things of the head and mind in time are hard. They take time, effort, have rituals, and come and go in psychic waves.

Examples: “I have a mission.” If you think someone gave it to you, or it came from god, or a voice in your head, it’s fraud. Source, or your Spirit, will never judge you, or control you, or tell you what to do. It sees nothing wrong, so there is no need for IT to violate your free-will free-choice and send you on a "divine" mission, which would be controlling you! Violating the free will gift Source gave us.

Source only sees you, and everything else, as already pure divine perfection, and simply currently experiencing in the aggregated results pool of all the free will choices you and your ancestors ever made. Stuck in suffering in time on a duality planet? Well, my friend, YOU created yourself there after a long string of freewill choices spanning many lives and ancestors.

Ultimately, no one judged you or “sent” you anywhere. You sent yourself. At the very start of your journey out of the Universe of True Light into the lower worlds of time and darkness, YOU had to choose to maybe ”try” being in darkness “just a little bit,” probably to get some experience or thing you decided you were curious about, for dark to have slowly worked its way into you and over time taken you over so badly that you would be trapped here in wars, accidents, attacks, disease, etc. Curiosity killed the cat. We had no idea we would be taken over and lose the ability to get out.

Darkness cannot exist in Pure Light - it is destroyed if it tries - like a flashlight illuminating a dark room, so Light/Spirits had to have somehow dropped into dark first. (My personal opinion) Something in your individuality  had to let it in, or let you drop to its level for your Pure Light to become contaminated way back then to start time rolling for you. Words fail here. There are so many variations of individuals that I suppose statistically, Source might have simply been trying different variations of ITself out to see what happens. We're probably one end of the bell curve.

You slowly forgot who you were, and now over all this time and all these re-incarnations from the physical to the astral and back again wiping your memories and hypnotizing us, we have almost completely lost all our awareness. But we can get it back. And others can help us. And we can help them.

If you do not go within your heart and ask your own Spirit for help, none may come, because no one from the worlds of True Light will ever judge you as needing anything, since you created yourself into this very position over all the lifetimes you have been here in time. The Light Beings see it as - if you are here, you must want to be here! If they judged you they would start dropping wouldn’t they?

If you mentally ask for help from an alien or god or angel or ascended master, or anyone else outside yourself that you figure is better than you, you fell for another fraud. Sure, they may come, and something may happen, but 99.999% of the time it is imposters if you asked from outside of your heart, so there is always a price to pay in time. You may get a healing that impresses you, but you will be corded by impersonators of those you asked for help from, and have tiny pieces of your Spirit sucked out - as much as they can get away with, that is.

These original folks won't come here anymore. Imposters posing as them often do.

They will not channel or come into our judgment and time.

CLS LightBeings Non-Denominational.png

This whole idea that someone else is more perfect than you anyway is bullshit. You, only YOU have YOUR particular “frequency/identity.” [Words fail] So only YOUR Spirit, the equal of ANY other, knows how to best change your present state of perfection you don’t care for, to one more suited for your liking. That is why you are advised ONLY to ask YOUR own Spirit for help. No cords, no frauds, no prices to pay, no downside at all. Your original gift of Life from Father/Mother Source available 24/7 and beyond time as well.

I hear your MIND laughing, “Yeah right, hey, I'm the powerless one here!” because darkness has stolen so much of your Spirit and programmed you to feel like you are the least possible person to fix your nagging problems. But you can. Just keep doing the clearings and Spirit retrievals now starting with the lifetime emotional and entity clearings available to your Spirit through Your Spirit and Creation Lightship.

Deep feelings of “I’m not good enough” and depression come from thoughts, and all thoughts and feelings are darkness and judgment that fraudulently were forced upon you to be here - and therefore can NOT be trusted. So forget about how bad it may seem at the time.

Seriously folks, it’s only temporary, even if you have to wait it out. Create yourself out, just like you created yourself in. Your Spirit will tell or show you how. That is why you must start communicating with, and asking, and commanding your Spirit now, to re-learn how it all works. To re-discover how it all works, to unveil the temporary frauds currently preventing your full access to your full self.

Back to our topic of missions, If YOU decide to give YOURSELF a mission, from your heart and not your head, that free will decision is honored like all others, and your Spirit will bring you everything necessary, naturally, and with an ease of flow - once you can start clearing out your accumulated darkness. It’s the only way it will work easily. If you’re chasing or pushing anything, it is still outside you. This means you’re looking in the wrong place, so it will have resistance all around it. Like pushing your hand through the water instead of being the water.

Another example: If you are emotionally attached to someone at all, (different from real love/peace) you can’t fully help them. Why? Because to drop out of neutrality into emotions drops you deeper into darkness, so less Spirit/Source flow can get through.

Another example: Telling or finding the ego driven unnecessary "back story." Any Universe of True Light helping Spirits - that work directly with your Spirit in your heart - because like the above Light Beings they will not come or channel here into judgment - don’t need to know any of the history. In fact, relating it to them slows the healing process down. To go into time, into the past, and drag back up all the old "why" energies and decisions, and replay them in the Now muddies it all up - because time IS the darkness. It is far simpler and more efficient to just remove the old blockage energies and move on. And there are plenty. Who cares how they got there? But people have the fraudulent emotional need to get it all out, to tell you lists of their problems, and say who was I then, what year, what planet, what dimension? But it’s not real.

You can feel much better even quicker by acquiring enough of your own Spirit back - from the darkness having stolen your pieces of it - to stand strong, and then start commanding your own Spirit from inside your heart to go out and find the rest of the missing pieces of ITself. Command your own Spirit in your heart to locate all missing pieces of ITself, and then to free them from alien control and bring them all back out of the darkness timelines, into this NOW, and to then heal and clear them, and to re-integrate them. I spent months and months doing this daily. Creation Lightship doctors can help you do this faster.

When you get back enough of your Spirit, it gets harder and harder to overcome you or keep tricking you. You think clearer because Spirit takes over from mind. Emotions become balanced. Fears leave. You decide much better because you see the real score. Your problems fade. You once again start to know more, see more, sense more, and to be more of the kind awesomeness you really are. Real strength equals having all 100% of your Spirit back in this body on this timeline. Having IT resident and operational allows very little drop.

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