The Original Teachings of Jesus Before They Were Corrupted


From Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron, BBS Radio Show 1-12-2008


[Bracketed comments by Ed]


“And then you sense a change, and nothing feels the same, and Love comes walking in.”


“That’s what that specific experience is all about. It’s re-connecting to your own Divinity, your Spirit inside of yourself [in your heart, not in your head], and that connection is to who you really are.


“You never have to look outside of yourself for your answers and guidance. It’s all with you, and the Creation Lightship teachings are what Jesus taught here on this planet. [Because that's where he came from, and arrived on the  Star of Bethlehem defense ship.]


To sum that up, the whole thing is not to go outside yourself, instead connect [only] with your own Divinity [in your heart.] Don’t pray to false idols and other gods, etcetera, it dilutes your Spiritual energy by giving it away [to whomever or whatever you connect to outside of yourself].


So just by stating that, it eliminates the churches and organized religion, so you see Jesus probably would not be accepted at all on this planet if he were to walk into one. (Laughs) It is quite interesting how they [higher ups] have taken it over for monetary gain.


“So your Divinity is always with you. Don’t get involved with things like a group meditation trying to focus your thoughts somewhere because a lot of those energies you are connecting with, not known to you, are the Dark energies, and they can steal your Soul. [You mentally send out an inviting cord to the group energy, and it connects and feeds off your Spirit for other reasons without you knowing it. They take energy out and insert "feel good" emotions and more programming back into you along the cord. Sample: "Keep doing this, it feels great!"]


This is happening quite often now with a lot of the practitioners who are doing work thinking they are in the light because they got connected with something, [ a seemingly higher power] and now they are doing their practices here. So you have to be very, very careful. This is why we always drop you into your heart center first. On this show we didn’t quite do it that way, but the Lightship did it for you instantly.


“So the whole thing is to go within to your heart center, get your spiritual guidance there so that you can be whole and complete. If you have any books, just get the one book that’s out there, you have to make it yourself, with one page, and it will just say “Go Within” [the heart center] that’s all you need to know.


The Spiritual Hierarchy is no longer here, [time to do it ourselves only] so if you are attempting to connect to maybe, say Archangel Michael, or Archangel Gabriel, or different names that you had used in the past, Mother Mary, those energies are off planet now. They left probably about two months ago because the energies were being connected still to the Galactic Federation, and because the [current in place then] Galactic Federation could not hold Spiritual Light Frequencies 100% they were removed. [Many interlopers now claim they are the same GF.]


“If you wish to connect with those beings you must go to your heart center. [first, for your protection, because your heart only lets 100% light in.] And that is kind of how it’s working. Those beings will not channel through anyone at this time, only because of the reason that they cannot hold integrity through any channeler. [Channeling requires darkness' judgment - that is why LightBeings do not engage in it.] This is why you have to get your own answers. This is the ascension process, to go within, and not to go without.


[Apparently there is some leeway, but it involves only connecting to your own Divine Spirit FIRST and only THROUGH YOUR HEART CENTER, and only AFTER that, having your Spirit do the communicating, not your mind. In the Ascension process the mind must first be surrendered to the heart, because mind is part of the Dark duality trap of time matrix. We have to get out of our heads and into our hearts.


But the real question your Spirit would ask you is: “WHY would you want to take the chance to link to anyone or anything outside of you any more, since none of them has more knowledge than Me, your own Spirit hooked directly into Source, already has?”  


The trap here has always involved running the Spirit out of you so Darkness can take you as a mind controlled - without realizing it - slave when weakened by the loss of your own Spirit. It happens slowly, in increments. Part of that slavery is conditioning your thoughts to not trust your own Spirit, and to always look elsewhere first instead.]


“And if you do go outside of yourself then you’re going to be getting probably erroneous information. It may sound good to you, but it’s not going to be the truth that you need. Spirit has their own truth, and spiritual guides have been released also [along with any spiritual hierarchy, all being slaver agents]. If anybody had passed on recently we’ll say, they’re no longer going to be here. They left, and so basically you won’t have any guidance around you, only because of the same reason, so you must go within for the ascension process. [This loss of guides is to remove corrupted influences on you and force us to do it alone, and explains any new inner ‘alone’ feelings of late.]


“If someone is saying they can connect to a guide of yours or something, then typically that person is going to be connecting to entities. [Or programs. Entities are mere discarded emotional bodies of the departed imbued with a rudimentary consciousness resultant from Earth Spirit creating them to insulate a Spirit from harsh energies here, and they're posing as the long-gone Spirits.] Either the entities are communicating with them [the reader], which you don’t want anyway, or you’re getting entities around you.


The main thing is this inward process now, that’s all that’s happening, go to your heart and connect with your own Divinity. That’s just the way it is at the end of the 2000 year cycle.”


- Ron Amitron on BBS Radio Show, 1-12-2008,

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron

http://www.bbsradio.com/creationlightship/index.php in the archives.