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Big Intergalactic History and Politics of Earth

Do Our Teachers Get It Right?

Many of our teachers and enthusiasts have written profusely about versions or portions of this information after spending their whole lives fighting to uncover it. Some have a cosmic experience that suddenly fills them with information. Multiple contactees have told us of their host ET races teaching the beginning of the following information as their own history, and how it is intermingled with ours. But, is it the whole story? Because of deliberate major corruption, huge elements are  always missing from all the stories. This site is dedicated to what is missing.


In the beginning, having been created by SOURCE, which is ALL, in ALL, and that which maintains ALL of us, everyone lived in the Universe of Light. The true Universe of Light. At some point, it is said by some to resemble a torus, or donut. Some Spirits ventured beyond the “edges” and were infected and/or attacked with a worming its way in negative density which caused them to judge themselves and create the “illusion” of separation within themselves, between themselves and Source. Judgment is density energy. They then started creating sub-creations. We here are all at the relative “bottom” of these multiple multiple creations within creations, and covered with this energy.


The Ultimate Source and the true Universe of Light is not off somewhere in a location. It is right here, right now, and inside us, but relatively speaking, seems distant to a human mind. Our minds cannot grasp these paradoxes. It is like an ultra high frequency subtle energy that permeates all, but it is beyond any measurement as a frequency.


Source does not judge itself or anything else. To judge is to separate. You have to be somewhere and looking out at the other and that divides the singularity into two. Source therefore does not hold any judgment of us, or control us. To do so It would no longer be Source. Judgment energy, like our egos, is not recognized by Source as even existing. These are the energies we don’t notice that we unconsciously and consciously hold generation after generation that separate and weigh us down. We are who and what and where we are because we and our ancestors created ourselves into this position through millions of piled upon one another created judgments, so it is assumed by true Light Beings we want everything just the way it is, since we created it.


We may not want slavery or disease or suffering now, but when all the facts are in, either falling for outsider frauds, or being overwhelmed, our errors, got us here. If we want help out of our mess we now have to ask the right un-affected consciousness in the Universe of true Light for help. If we do not ask, it is automatically assumed as evidence we agree with this here.


Caution, many excellent sounding and looking imposters are sincere but knowingly or unknowingly infected by darkness and stationed along the way. It is almost impossible for someone existing at our damaged level to tell the difference between them. How can the lower be able or expected to discern the higher? Luckily, if we learn the hidden procedure, we can go within and ask our Spirits - which are still above them - by going back through our hearts. This is the only thing we need.


Billions of years ago, after being created itself, this general huge area of space was newly forming, and ruled by reptilian-genetic based kings. In time, the reptilian queens came to rule their race instead of the males. This went on for billions of years. These ancients are based in the Orion area of space.


New worlds and solar systems even closer to us came into existence and prominence, and the eventually ruling beings on them were based in Sirius. These newer beings were more wolf-like than the smoother reptilians. Like the reptilians, these beings are more or less humanoid shaped and are also ruthless and powerful in conquest. Eventually the two races formed a mutual alliance - with the reptilian queen empire still remaining on top.


New worlds are constantly forming, and in the fullness of time, our own solar system came into being. One of the Syrian kings fled his own home world and became the king of our smaller new Solar System.

He lived in peace allied with the reptilian queens by supplying them with raw materials from mining. After his passing, his grandson wanted his grandfather’s old throne on Sirius back, and became a master of warfare to get it. He aligned with equally rebellious and also disgruntled reptilian royal relatives and eventually challenged Syrian authority. The result was that his palace and world were destroyed by the Sirians. All that is left of his dreams and his planet is the debris field which now forms what we call our asteroid belt.


The local scene shifts to Earth. Human bodies were created as laborers for the ETs - and “powered” on the inside by enslaving ETs’ Spirits so they would be stuck residing in the denser and dumber and less aware bio-mechanical bodies. Today, the biologically related and remnant races and factions of all those players in the conflicts, intrigues, and intergalactic wars all make up the curious and rare genetic mixture and politics of the multiple biological races we find here on our planet - the factions.


Multiple ET races, both visible and not visible to us, are still behind the scenes and vying for dominance here. We poor humans are caught in the crossfire that is always hidden, and posing as other “normal” worldly events, like wars with earthquakes, weather, computers, oil spills, diseases, and bombs.


Many ET races consider us sleeping “royalty,” due to our rich expanse of experiential knowledge and royal and other physical body ancestral DNA genetics, and because most of us possess a Spirit. Unfortunately, we can’t quite coherently remember anything or re-assemble all of it yet.


There are now even all kinds of lost and hidden artifacts and writings that have surfaced to prove these stories are at least the strongest possibilities, if not just the outright plain facts of the matter. Teachers like Robert Morningsky are asking us to ask: “Why can’t we use more than 10% of our brains?” Who turned off the 90%?


These reasonable tales are fascinating, intriguing, and sure to catch our attention for a long time to come as we engage in yet higher and higher levels of the suffering games here. Especially fascinating are intrigues involving the new subjects of; time travel, dimensional travel, ETs, parallel time lines, mind control, video realities, new technologies, being abducted onto alternate realities and re-programmed nightly as we sleep, and etcetera, etcetera. Fascinating stuff and more and more and newer versions about all of it coming in all the time! “WOW!” we say.


But there’s a catch. Just like our daily lives, these fascinating events have ALL happened in TIME, are happening IN time, or will be happening IN time. Going into the future or past won’t change that, because all you do by going there is create another version or branch of an alternate still in TIME-line. Just like any out of body astral or other travel outside the body, you are still only traveling with-in the sub-created universal mind worlds.


Folks, it may seem new to you and to all the teachers popping up, but everything we learn is ALL still only new upgrades of the old programming being delivered to, around, and into us by controllers. Here’s how to tell what’s real, and what is a very real seeming artificial sub-creation construct: If it happens within time, it therefore happens within an artificial sub-creation that was created (relatively speaking) “outside” of, and “below,” or “slower,” or “denser” than the Eternal Now, the true timeless Universe of Light. Because this world of ours is in time, as a MEST time and space world, it has to be a sub-creation of Source’s real timeless ( time-free ) original creation, our real home.


We’re within a controlled dream fabricated out of the biggest dream - the so real seeming illusion that time even exists. Then we are further forced to dream parts of our Spirit onto alternate timelines every night. Anything that happens here has to be programming from some level - simply because it is wrapped up in and happening in created “time.”

What we assume as our reality, and its built in time, is a creation of super advanced technology ETs, who learned how to technologically and magically create this dense artificial world bubble we live in, a virtual world hologram built within creation. Lesser ET “creators” lower and then stretch a point in the eternal now out “horizontally” into past and future, and insert us along it, after stealing our memories and posing as gods. Like our beef herds, they control and entrap us for profit. What we think is our personal and planetary history and future is only a relative truth at best within the time regions. If in time, it’s in the created bubble.


We humans trapped here in time could previously see our higher-dimensional based and now hidden controllers. Despite deliberate suppression of the fact we all had to leave the Universe of True Light to be here, the stories have survived that we all (colonists and workers alike) underwent further very heavy (almost complete) mind and memory wipes and gland and chakra damages. During 4,000 to 6,000 BC, everyone living and re-incarnating here underwent mind erasure and damage - so we would be obedient and easier to control.


Although secret clues from the before times, like prayer and mantra beads worldwide still being 108 in number, and hidden carvings with answers, do surface, still missing from all teachings is the fact that this erasure event was a secondary knowledge wipe following the long gone original one that trapped us here in time.


This relatively way more recent “second wipe” blinded and affected us greatly in our human bio-bodies and chakra and energy systems. But the first original prime erasure was the absolute worst. The original trap we fell for, or were forced into, is what allowed us and any ETs with Spirits to be dumbed down and trapped in the bio-bodies, and therefore trapped in time, in the first place!


We must always note that since the very beginning of our sojourn “down” into these dense darkness evil controlled physical time worlds, we have been unable to see that all this fascinating so real drama and history continually involving us is only programming keeping us busy. It’s only events and situations keeping our attention and us so busy interacting with and thinking about the outside, that we cannot remember, or see, or escape, by going back through our hearts into our Spirits where we came from.


Everything we know and experience was created, and is existing, and is designed, by the Darkness intelligent energy to keep us so caught up in our heads interacting with outside things that we stay away from our hearts. The ET installed dampening fields here cause us to constantly forget our hearts - until our passion kicks in and forces us back into them for a while. What we know as death is a re-programming event with a fresh memory wipe attached. There is no death in the true Universe of Light.


After creating the hologram and trapping us in it, the controllers got even greedier and found ways to make more profit by parceling out fragments of our damaged Spirits. Our “reality” is programming inserted into and around us by those using or selling their control programs and access to us as “property and use timeshare” rights. To these evil doers, we are a mere physical and energy food source for them and the other unseen controllers. Folks, in our present form, we’re the commodity in an intergalactic slaver business run by beings with no Divine Sparks, no Spirits.


They laugh about being the lower controlling the blinded higher. Some ET races bought access to us and were later horrified to discover we were not really only energy generating robots, androids, or clones! They were disgusted to find they were sold life forms with real Divine Spirits just like their own! At first they could not tell we had them, as we are so heavily controlled and invaded and infected and asleep.


We don’t see, we can’t easily see, who we really are! We are timeless Pure Spirit from Source that never dies. We can’t see that we are so much more: free and uncontrolled and from the true Universe of Light, yet presently seemingly reduced in our fragmented, hypnotized, and habituated forms into powering these bio-physical human suits programmed to continually generate thoughts and their resultant feelings and emotions. All for the profit, pleasure, and sustenance of ghoulish high-tech ET slavers.


It’s not just us. Many ETs controlling us are themselves trapped in time and also being controlled, and on back up the time dimensional hierarchy of arrogance it continues, with invisible controllers controlling more controllers. This repeats in time dimensions higher and higher until darkness entities and events can no longer sustain existence in the rapidly vibrating high Source Universe of Light area.


We have to finally make it to the way out of this time-laden holographic artificial mess-creation of some self-proclaimed gods. The key to doing this is to clear out and away all attached, inserted, and ingrained programming. Because we are within and deceived by the programming so deeply, it is hard to take command of it. To overcome this it  takes an expert able to access and command Universe of Light energies from outside of time to help us do so. Only these pure high energies of Source have the power to overcome all the dense lower impure energies of mind and time.


Psychic healers may be able to seemingly solve problems, but they use time and mind energies that relieve a problem by creating deeper ones. Darkness uses these practitioners and tells them they are doing divine work. The object is to become clean, pure Spirit once again, not cluttered up more with darkness. Psychic stuff is heavy, sticky, and emotional. Source energies are light, free, and peaceful.


The teachers mean well, and are to be totally and seriously honored for their long struggle, but we each must see beyond the mind and time traps they may not yet be aware of themselves. It takes a lot of work for even the most enlightened to start cleaning out what is so ingrained. Darkness also never stops at pulling us back. While here in time, we are always at risk.


Living in our hearts instead of our heads is the prime answer while here. As I said, we have to clear out all the habituated ingrained programming weighing us down with density, and blocking the way back home. We have to start to get all of our Spirit back. We must retrieve all fragmented and damaged pieces of our Spirits, clear them, heal them, reassemble them, and continually keep them in our bodies only. This also takes expert help.


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