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It is probably best if you first do this quick "Drop Your Mind Into Your Heart" self proclaimed Spirit Command exercise as Ron taught US to do for ourselves by saying out loud:

"I now take the thoughts in my head and drop them into my Heart, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" while your awareness moves and follows them down, elevator-like, as they now settle into and stay in our Heart.

You can do this at least 3 times before reading these articles.
Even better, you can do this all day long, and every day, whenever you can do it - until it becomes habit.

Here Ron demonstrates this command for US: "The Drop Your Mind Into Your Heart" self-command clearing to prevent any implants from compelling you to stop reading any of these articles.




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Soldier's Perspective of the Ongoing Invading Alien Time & Dimension War


Intergalactic Humans

Dedicated To Exposing Our Origins, Our Situation, 

The Twists Put On Truth, and Available Solutions.

We don't like to think about bad things, but to understand what happened, and where we are, we have to for a while. You have no idea just how bad it is here for everybody, and if you did, it might overwhelm you. But to solve life's riddles we have to start somewhere, because to just ignore what is happening to us only sinks us deeper. The good news, is your possibilities are endless.

 There is an intelligent but putrid darkness energy constantly running an enslavement and control agenda on humans. This energy and its infected followers in all dimensions have a vested interest in capturing our attention and keeping it fascinated with nonsense as a means of controlling us. As a result they always give us "something new." New information, new inventions, something fascinating, so new people come along, learn of it, and start teaching all this fascinating new information to others. They become famous and do a good job.

The new information teacher's job is made easier because as our consciousness expands, or seems to, we soon get bored with all our old ways, information, technology and habits. Soon, we naturally start looking beyond the usual same old stuff - in order to seek new solutions, new fascinations.

To keep us focused in the limited duality, time, & mind/emotion game, this dark service-to-self energy is newly revealing more and more fascinating aspects of what still amounts to centuries worth of only half truths. This seemingly fascinating "new" knowledge releasing is still designed to keep us trapped - but only in a more expansive darkness - all so we can continue to have our bodies be used to unknowingly generate emotional and thought energy for them.

It is time for you to learn of the whole game, and who you are, and to get free.

The ruse is simple. You really already had and have all knowledge and awareness in your Spirit. You AS Spirit - that Source gave you as IT created you out of ITself - are a Spirit now located in your heart. When you were pure Spirit with total natural Universe of True Light knowledge and awareness, you were at some point fooled or forced into being trapped in time and eventually stripped of your total awareness and total knowledge.

A very limited awareness physical body and the reincarnation cycles were then attached around you, and you were given (and habituated to) programs that only simulate 99.9% of your original awareness instead. Now all the new fascinating knowledge we and our teachers seem to be acquiring lately is just a controlled doling out to you - and all of us - of only more new limited programming about aliens, dimensions, angels, new laws of... etc. To us, in our controlled state, it seems like new breakthroughs into new rooms. However, in our controlled state we can't see clearly that the whole building is under water, and our free natural home is above all this mind programming. 

The trick used is to continually give our limited minds "information" which then causes us to be in judgement even more, driving us energetically deeper into this mind and time worlds intergalactic slaver trap. The essence of darkness energy is judgement, which splits us away fron the wholeness of our Source Ultimate Creatior.

You are seemingly down in the lower dimensions, many levels and creation layers under and away from the Universe of True Light, under all these darkness infected levels of self-proclaimed-creator "gods," and full of old mental and subconscious programmed knowledge you deeply hold dear, so you cannot easily be fully and honestly aware of the truth of what an immense being you are.

Therefore, you are still vulnerable to being misled. Once misled, and thereby controlled, your trapped power generating Spirit churns out lower emotional and other energy that becomes food for both invisible intergalactic parasite slavers and their minions. In turn, then this now lowered to darkness Spirit powered energy is used to infect and control more humans.

We are here to do what we can to prevent this infection of ourselves and others. All beings should always have complete free will, un-tainted by darkness' mind and time energies. All human beings need possession of 100% of their own pure Spirits, and to also to have our own Spirits 100% under our own control. Harder to come by in this denseness, isn't it?

Our True Light Spirits inside us are directly from the Ultimate Source of ALL. We come from our home worlds beyond, outside of  this mind, energy, and time duality hologram prison that our consciousnesses live our restricted lives in. As previously noted, this place here is a creation of lesser beings who are using us to farm us for our energy and our worship. They erased all our memories.

We have our Source Ultimate Creator of All's attribute of Peace, and therefore as pure Spirits we would never hurt ourselves or anyone else. So there is no danger of chaos in granting 100% free will to all - if it is under our natural unfettered organic conditions - because then none of us would ever hurt ourselves or anyone else. 

Where to start to get back control and possession of our true selves? First, we have to clear out all accumulated mind and time energies and parasites and heal. Otherwise, when our programmed bodies and damaged Spirits are finally drained of all this life's useful life energy, we are simply time-stamped programmed to age and die, and our habituated Spirits and DNA are brought back over and over to power another slave property body for the benefit of the controllers. All the while our controlled minds think life is "just the way it is." and "suffering is normal." It isn't. Only here. 

All sorts of people are becoming more aware, and are moving out of religions that did not work. Still, although they advance, they are only finding that the next level of consciousness awareness, often called "being spiritual" is littered with even more sophisticated traps that cleverly match our new expanding awareness.

If you are one of the ones going through this transformation, it probably seems a relief to you like you are finally starting to get to the good stuff that has been concealed for centuries. Concealed so well, in fact, that even our most knowledgeable and hidden secret teachers, gurus, etc. were also fooled.

This is the problem with understanding fully any of your new revelations, as they are usually still cluttered with your old programming, teachings, frameworks, references, and knowledge. Because our very minds are so heavily a creation of darkness, they can only always be suspect.

The mind will pretend to be your Spirit, and even become a seperate voice in your head, so you may find yourself sincerely teaching your new knowledge to others, but unaware you are still only spreading fascinating new versions of the same old disinformation. This can become very confusing very quickly, but just keep at it, and it will start to sort itself out.

We have to be very precise about even the words and numbers and symbols we use, as they are corrupted, as all that is here is. These writings are designed as helpful hints along the way. Of course, the majority has always been lulled so asleep, that they still think the TV is a fountain of truth.

There are popular "new" opinions emerging that everyone seems to agree on, simply because you hear these themes over and over. Humans are programmed to need acceptance, so rarely will people stray from even the newest minority.

You hear about "what god wants" or channeled information and space people so often, that the information is being automatically accepted as truths without examination - just because you have heard them over and over from books, magazines, channelers, writers, and other New Age and spiritual gurus and opinion leaders for so long. Many of these people really mean well, and they are totally sincere, and they think they are on a mission to wake the rest of the people up. They do not realize they themselves were diverted, short of their stated goals.

 For example: How many of you can understand that there is no "Divine Mission" for you personally, or any "plan for humanity?" Is that statement blasphemy? Don't we hear about them over and over, forever? The truth is far simpler, such concepts I just named are programming.

Source would never compromise your free will by telling you what to do. True Source only gives us free will.  We decide what to do with our free will each moment, and it can only be used correctly when we are free of darkness influences and programs. However, even without a mission from someone, many are here now in bodies, coming from all over, and free will choosing to help us just because the need has become great. Life automatically surviving.

Example #2: Praying or mentally connecting with anything outside you is a trap. Is that statement blasphemy? The truth is far simpler. Such concepts I just named like pleasing a God being outside you, "up there," are programming.

Our Spirit Source connection is within and through our heart regions only. Not up in our heads. Did you ever see the old paintings of Jesus with the prominent exposed bleeding or not heart? Right in your face. The sometimes wrapped around it barbed wire is the graphic representation of what I am explaining, how the gateway is in prison.

Our teachers, and their teachers, and their teachers, and their teachers have been fed a mixture of hidden truths mixed in with lies, and unknowingly they all passed them on to us. The purpose of this ongoing duplicity affecting teachers and students of life both, is to keep us all confused - so you keep looking outside yourself, and cannot automatically access the truth of your own Spirit in your own heart.

There are those who are purposely doing all this to us, to keep themselves in selfish power by all this taking from us on many levels. Politicians and banking are just more lower levels of the deceptions fascinating us with suffering.

They used to teach us "Pray to God up in Heaven."

Now we are encouraged to "Bring the energy into you." and/or

"Send it outside of you" into (somebody, a master, or into the Earth, a vortex, etc.)

But it's the same old same old. You are conditioned/instructed to be a good child and to take your personal Divine Spark Spirit inside your heart temple within you, and erroneously direct its powerful energies up into your biological mind (to lower them), and then hook them up to something, (cording) by projecting the energies outside yourself, as in prayer, so that invisible (to our physical senses) beings (living beyond the ultraviolet and infared vision ranges) can latch on to them and drink them up like a sports drink!

They do this to keep themselves alive without you knowing. Think deeply, you never know WHERE your prayers really end up! You think you are praying to "God" and do not see the interceptions. Inviting anything inside you from outside is even worse. That's backwards. Life only comes from the inside out. Control comes from the outside in.

And by doing that projecting of mind energy outside yourself you create "cordings" or energy openings and pathways between you and the outside invisible beings or their psychic energy storage pools, so that they can then use it anytime they like - to manipulate your thoughts, dreams, and reality whenever they want to. Now multiply these sovereignity controls we give up - like all good children are taught to - by all the number of lives we and our ancestors ever had, plus add into the mix the numbers of ETs living just above our physical dimension we are trapped in, and finally add in all the thousands of parallel lives they have involved us in. Whew! That is the state of the average person today. Totally used on every level, and totally unaware of it. Except for that persistent small still voice we work so hard to drown out.

HOWEVER, by using the power of our own True Light Spirit from SOURCE - which is beyond the time & mind duality reality hologram we are trapped in at present - and by having our natural ability to choose - we can eventually undo the mess we are in! This will become easier and easier as our suppressed consciousnesses continue to seemingly expand. This website will help. Creation Lightship clearings really help.

"The space brothers will save us," leaves out the fact that most of the ones we hear about but seldom see are usually only a voice in someone's head. You DON'T know where the voice comes from. They conveniently take credit for our organic evolution. Even though few have seen them, if anyone is really not from here, and sightings are increasing, then they are ALL very suspect as - just like us - they are living in the mind & time worlds. SO ALL ARE SUSPECT.

They always tell us how beautiful we are, and how much we are loved, and want us to send our energy outside ourselves, or "into the Earth" or someplace else. Although praising our inner Light, they NEVER tell us the truth to daily go within our own hearts and commune ONLY with our OWN pure Spirits. All ETs are in time and have been infected and invaded by darkness energies just like us, and are making the same mistakes of power and control maybe at higher or more subtle levels.

I'm saying again the physical UFO's we see mostly come from here. And whether they do come from here or not, guess what? The crews and commanders and their gods are still infected with darkness - so their goodness or badnesss is still a matter of degree, no matter what soothing words they deliver.     

There are many new teachers now who are revealing pieces of this. Some are having sudden awakenings, and others have always struggled to awaken with aspects of this information, and are now publicly coming into their own.

Many of these almost enlightened ones are burdened by their own life experience's residuals within this time matrix, so they have some, or lots of, truth - but unaware they still are including within their teachings some things that are left over from their old understandings which are still deceptive. They are burdened by having to explain from a consciousness within unnatural artificial ET created time.


All Articles at this Website are Non-Denominational

Non-Denominational Original LightBeing Spirits

Original Jesus Teachings. The CLS Was There!

You Were Taught All You Think You Now Know!

Is it true? All of it? Start with reading WHY this information we present may seem hard to understand, and why it probably goes against everything everybody knows and agrees upon. " Do Our Teachers Get It Right? "

Then go to the Numbered Sequential Logical Progression Articles list - each builds upon and refers to those before it. Each averages about 3 pages, and please start your reading with the first (#1) article: "Why You Cannot Go Home Or Remember Where It Is" to find out WHY you still just can't remember any of this yet.


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